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Yes–my husband knows

I conceived the idea for this blog six months ago, but gave birth only this evening while Rob was at a meeting. When he arrived home I shooed him out of the office until I could complete the “about” page…and then unveiled it for my writer-husband.

He laughed as he read along, so that was good. 

“Do you mind?” I asked, hanging about his neck & kissing him.

“No; you need a creative outlet,” he said, laughing (was it somewhat ruefully?) “…for the entire world to see.” 

I reminded him this was better than my earlier idea, hatched in our first six months of marriage: a book called Coffeetalk About Virgin Honeymoons. Only a soft shell on that egg, so it went no further than talks with girlfriends recently married who also had chosen to remain virgin until the wedding night–and discovered life just isn’t like the movies.  A topic that deserves conversation for the unsuspecting and relates well through heavy doses of humor. That title probably would have been published under a pseudonym.

I did ask Rob if I could relate that last paragraph.  He was fine with this, because I never actually wrote the book.

Later he said something about…he should have known better than to marry a writer.

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