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We married in 2005. So admittedly, we’re not far beyond “newlywed.” But we’re getting further from it all the time — and really, it’s all about perspective.

Compared to our first year of marriage, we’re newlywed no longer. Even compared to our second year I’d say that. And Rob would agree.

Rob is the husband I would never trade. The husband I’m grateful I walked down the aisle to meet. And he’s everything else a husband usually is, while I’m most likely a fairly standard wife.

But that first step was a dousy. The first year of marriage, I mean. (The dating portion–I should say, portions–is a story unto itself.) Getting past those first-year growing pains…being newlywed no longer…is a place we celebrate. That does not make it any less odd, strange, or worthy of discussing. Because I know we’re still only at the beginning.

So while I’m here, at the beginning, I want to look around and see who is on the journey with me.

Who is a few steps ahead? Those folks who can nod and say, “Yep, I remember that…”? Who is a lap or two behind, who might look up from that first-year sprint in time to see me smile (ironically?) and say, “I’ve been there; ain’t it grand?” And who is running with me, just dying to laugh or cry with someone along the way?

Newlywed No Longer is about this thing called marriage. The state of commitment where “hard work” doesn’t begin to describe it.

Nothing new here. Just no longer “newly.” Glad for it. Curious about it. Not ready for it, but willing. And you’re welcome to join me.


One response to “About this blog

  1. Jodi Saylor

    October 2, 2008 at 11:00 am

    Wow! This is probably the best blog I have read. We will hit our three year anniversary this month (the 22nd) so I am right there with you!

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